"Uniquely Me" YOUR closet!

Often times, we get comfortable with our 4 or 5 "safe" outfits. The outfits we feel most comfortable in or the ones that make us feel skinny. For me personnally, those revolve around a black skirt! Take away my black skirt and I have NOTHING to wear. (Picture yourself laying in a weeping heap on the closet floor....that's me!) That's why we designed the basic, stretchy, strait skirt in 7 different colors. It's a solid color, elastic waist band, long and no splits. Classic! We are arming you with tools you need to revitalize your 4 or 5 outfits. 

We will be putting together some outfits as suggestions for you. I have had many moments of seeing someone pair colors that I wouldn't have thought of and realizing I have a new outfit made of old pieces in my closet! We would like to help you break out of the "safe" outfit zone. 

Above you will find our Gold Chevron Top paired with the THREE different colors of our Strait Skirts! Classic black is elegant, evening attire. Our versitile Taupe skirt causes the gold chevron print to mellow out into a lighter shade for daytime. The vibrant red skirt brings a little bang to the outfit. The sheer sleeves on the top allow for any color, under sleeve to peek through. 

If you bought the top and 3 different color skirts, your total is LESS than $100 for 3 DIFFERENT outfits! 


We have 2 different jackets here. The red Jerry T Ruffle Jacket is elegant with the black Layered Skirt. Pair it with the yellow layered skirt and it's a little jazzy! The floral Ruffled Jerry T jacket is picture perfect summer with the yellow layered skirt. 

We hope you can draw inspiration from the above outfit choices. We will continue to post different ways to wear our merchandise, hoping to be a little bit of help to those bound to the "safe" outfits. :)